Due to the potential for corrosion occurring over long-term, no warranty is offered on repaired items that were subjected to water. Repairs are backed by Drone Repair Adelaide 90-day warranty, effective from the invoice date. Repair warranty is limited to the specific work that has been carried out, and warranty is void if the craft is crashed or otherwise damaged due to operator error. Firmware updates and main controller/camera settings changes are routinely performed as standard service practice unless otherwise advised. Supplied quote is limited to the components which were visible at the time of initial inspection. 

Additional defective parts may be identified during repair process and will attract an additional charge. In this event, Drone Repair Adelaide technicians will contact you prior to proceeding with the repair.  Items not collected after 30 days of repair completion will attract a storage charge of $10 per calendar day. Drone Repair Adelaide is not responsible for any accessories (i.e. batteries, SD cards, propellers, cables, etc.) that are supplied unless we specifically request them.
Unless prior arrangement has been made, items not collected within 60 days of repair completion will be sold to recover incurred costs.

Please include the remote and one charged, functioning battery with your drone.

We are not responsible for lost SD cards, we request that the drone is sent for repair without the SD card. 

Drone repairs in Adelaide and greater South Australia? Recreational and commercial drone operators and hobbyists welcome.

We use 100% certified DJI parts on all our repairs.

We offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs and repair components..

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